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We display a variety of our virtual reality platforms at our showroom for clients to experience. Showroom is by appointments only, so let us know when you will like to visit us.

1891 N Gaffey Street, San Pedro CA


Call or email us with any questions you may have about any of our virtual reality platforms. Also visit our FAQ center to learn about questions others may have asked in the past.

+1 (855) 623-6234     

Ask Support

We set up every client with a tech support portal and a support team tailored to your platforms. This ensures that your support team is best suited to assist clients with all questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We work with private financiers to offer financing for all our virtual reality platforms. For platforms under $15,000.00, approval decision is made in seconds; and purchase order can be financed without any documentation. Additional platforms can be financed with good credit, and paperwork may or may not be required depending on other credit factors.
We carry very few of our popular virtual reality platforms on stock due to constant improvements in computer systems and technological advancements. To deliver our platforms with the most up to date technology, we manufacture to order. Most platforms take 4 to 8 weeks from order to delivery.
We tend to alternate the virtual reality platforms in our showroom to accommodate the taste of our prospective clients. Nevertheless, at any time, we usually have around 10 to 15 virtual reality platforms on display at our showroom.
Once a client purchases, we set them up with a communication portal with our technical support team. The client can add as many shift employees as necessary to ensure that every employee has access to the technical support team in case it becomes necessary. The technical support team can answer simple how-to questions or troubleshoot any other issues. To enable our tech support to troubleshoot, we will need the client to provide and connect the platform to wifi. This will enable remote access to the platform and allow our tech support team to diagnose and resolve all issues. Software related issues can be remotely fixed. If hardware replacement is required, we will send out the component and provide a video on how to replace the component. The technical support team will also be available to guide client with the installation process and testing.
All our virtual reality platforms come with one year warranty on hardware (excluding the virtual reality headset, which is covered by its own manufacturer warranty, and wear & tear) and lifetime warranty on software and technical support. In essence, we will be there to troubleshoot and diagnose any issues with our platforms free of charge; if software related issue, we will fix remotely; if its a hardware related issue and still under warranty we will send the hardware component out with standard shipping free, expedited shipping if requested will be responsibility of the client; if its a hardware related issue and no longer under warranty, client will be responsible for the component and the shipping.
Production of all our virtual reality platforms are capital intensive and requires sourcing, procuring, and shipping components from all over the world. The content in every platform is licensed for commercial use and installed. In other words, the amount of financial resources and human capital involved in the production of each platform all factors into our no-refund no-exchange policy.
The company opened its door for business in 2015 after a few years of research and development following the release of the development kit of Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset. We started with our flagship platform - the Pod Series but have since expanded our product line to include a variety of other virtual reality platforms. Currently, we have 30+ virtual reality platforms in our collection.
Yes. You can customize our platforms to fit the needs of your specific needs. We only ask that you employ the services of a qualified technician to ensure that any retrofitting is done correctly and safely. Software modifications may not void warranty, but hardware modifications may affect warranty. Either way, our technical support team will always be available to assist with troubleshooting.
Our showroom is available by appointment only. Please give us a call first to schedule your visit prior to visiting.

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