About Us

What We Do

Mcnnadi Technologies is the developer of virtual reality entertainment platforms geared towards delivering more intense and extreme virtual reality experiences. To make this feasible, we have designed a variety of platforms to replicate a lot of experiences in the sports and entertainment arenas, so as to cover a wide range of out of the world experiences, without the associated risk.

How We Got Here

Since the invention of Oculus Rift, our team has devoted a lot of research and development hours into understanding how best to take the virtual reality experience to a whole new level. With the Oculus Rift, the players are either stationery or moving on their own, so our team tasked ourselves to develop experiences that offer customers an alternative to just sitting or standing, but to transcend to another world while remaining engaged in the experience.

Our Experience

We have seen a thing or two since we started operations in 2015. Our team of Creative Designers and Engineers have over 30 combined years in the arcade entertainment industry prior to joining the virtual reality entertainment industry. Over the years, we are devoted a lot of time and resources into delivering the perfect entertainment platforms, while ensuring the high quality and unparalleled safety of our platforms.





Through Our Eyes

We see every virtual reality platform as a mission to deliver mind blowing next level entertainment. We develop every platform with both the investor and the end user in mind.

We Design

Our Creative Artists take pride in designing virtual reality platforms that bridge the gap between virtual and reality.

We Develop

Our Engineers are the best in the industry. They take time to cross all the “t’s” and dot all the “i’s” to ensure that...

We Finance

We have partnered with the best financiers in the industry to offer financing to our clients, with little emphasis on credit score as we...

We Support

There is nothing as reassuring to know that you have the full backing of our tech support team plus we have devoted all our...