Extreme Racing VR


Model: MVR2ER50

The Extreme Racing VR platform was designed with riders in mind. The sleek design and underlaying mechanism allows riders to feel the speed as the plunge through the terrain of their choice, which intensifies the experience while enjoying 360 degree views of the environment they are riding in.



Product Description


  • Interatctive head tracking entertainment
  • Directional control of car movement and direction
  • Stereo Audio for immersive VR environment
  • Single or Multi Player versions
  • Mind Blowing Rides


With the Extreme Racing VR platform, you can maximize your virtual reality experience with full speed and directional control and 360 degree view of the terrain of choice. Riders are guaranteed to feel the speed.

Platform comes preloaded with 3 racing terrains with more in production. Your audience will have a blast.



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